This is what I saw on the back of an 18-wheeler driving back from San Marcos on 35. My first thought was, “Why 62?…Why not 65?…or just 60?” Then I thought, “Well, I’m glad you’re in the slow lane because if not, I’d be talking some serious shit if you were making ME drive 62″…that’s 10 miles slower than I would prefer going!

As some of you may know, I am a lane-changing, most-of-the-time speeding type of driver. I’ve always thought maybe there was a correlation between my semi-competitive nature and the way I drive. For example, I like to be passing people when I run or ride…so maybe that’s why I change lanes so often and tend to speed in my car???

If anyone else sees this similarity in your own driving or thinks that’s just an excuse of my poor driving skills, I seek your opinion.