Last night Karen and I went to the Tribeza Fashion Show…I know what you’re thinking: “What do two girls who only wear spandex, cotton, lycra, or drifit workout clothes know about fashion!?” The answer: Not much, besides what I watch on The Rachel Zoe Project. But, one of Rick’s clients gave him two VIP tickets; so why not!?

Anyway, we knew that we were going to be tempted by wine and food that was going to be there, and we were only on Day 2 of our “Paleo Challenge” so we packed some trail mix in our purses just in case. Well, all we really had to do if we felt tempted was look at the size 2 (or less) models that strutted the runway, and by the way, it was a fabulous show.

After the show we walked around, talked to a few people, and BAM…as we walked into one of the tents there sat bowls filled with M&Ms, chocolates, honey roasted peanuts, and MINI CUPCAKES! I told Karen, “You know..I won’t tell if you won’t.” But somehow we managed to pull ourselves in the opposite direction and escape the show without breaking our Paleo promise! 2 Days to go and Lululemon here we come!

Peace. Self Control. Love…and for this week…Paleo.