Everytime I hear this song, “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat I think of me and the Rickster. I know this post is going to be a cheesy one, and if you are easily prone to throwing up then stop reading now…cause it’s gonna get sappy.
Here’s the video from youtube of the song and below are some of the lines in the song that make me think of our relationship. (It takes a little bit to load…so be patient).

“Boy I hear you, in my dreams”. – before Rick and I started dating and even after we made it “official” I would always have dreams about him. He was always so super sweet in my dreams, and I remember waking up feeling so happy and looking forward to seeing him.

“I feel your whisper across the sea. I keep you with me in my heart, you make it easier when life gets hard.” – He is always in my heart, and he is always there for me when life gets hard. He’s always willing to listen, tries to keep me positive, encouraging, sympathetic, loving, supporting, and prays for me and us when I am stressed, sad, or just having a bad day.

“I’m lucky I’m in love with my bestfriend, lucky to have been where I have been, lucky to be coming home again”. – I am not only lucky to be in love with my bestfriend, but blessed that I have been where I have been to be led to him…and it’s always nice coming home to him.

“They don’t know how long it takes waiting for a love like this”. – Oh, yes I do…it may not have been a long time before we knew our relationship was the “real deal”, but I had been praying for a long time (a few years) that I would find someone just like Rick. And even when we were dating I continued to pray that our relationship would be led in the right direction.

“I’ll wait for you, I promise you I will”. – I did tell Rick this exact thing when he was in the middle of one relationship ending and starting our relationship. I told him, “I’m willing to wait, because I think it’s worth it.” I wanted him to know that there was no rush.

And…well…you get the rest of the song. If you’re still reading this and haven’t become queasy yet then I know you can relate to this song in some way or have thought about another song that makes you think of that “special someone”.

Music is funny because it gets you when you’re least expecting it, or it does to me. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio and it will bring back memories of someone or an event, good and bad. There have been more than a handful of times when I have been driving by myself and start tearing up because I’m thinking about someone or something that reminds me of the song.

Thanks for reading and now it’s your turn to tell someone how much they mean to you or play them a song that reminds you of them.

Peace. Love. Music. Love.