I have the Blackberry Pearl and I have a few opinions about it. If you do not have this phone, but have the “smart text” or even the “auto text” capability you may be able to relate to this post in some ways. First, let me list the things I like about the phone followed by the things I dislike.
-I like the bbm (blackberry messenger) function. The only bad thing is that only people with blackberries can use it and talk to each other. What I like about it is that you can see when people have “received” or “read” the message you sent them. This comes in handy, because you can determine whether or not they ignoring you by not responding, or if the message hasn’t been read and just delivered. Get what I’m saying??
-I like that I have Internet, facebook, email, and what-not…
-I think this is all that I like about my phone, but I can’t complain too much because I got it as a birthday present and it does everything a phone was originally meant to do – receive and make phone calls.
-I don’t like that I drop it all the time, but that’s my fault for not getting a cover for it.
-I don’t like that the memory is the size of a peanut, and heaven forbid I get too many messages or take too many pictures and store them. Cause you know what happens after that??…the phone erases most everything on it’s own..STUPID STUPID STUPID.
-Probably my #1 complain is the “smart text”. Now, I know most of you are thinking “Why don’t you just take it off that function and use regular text if it bothers you so much”? Well, my answer is simply “Because!”
Here’s my “beef” with smart text…If it’s supposed to be smart and auto-complete your words for you in the text, why does it choose some of the dumbest words? Let me give you some examples with a few sentences and what “smart text” word comes up.
-“See you going to the game later?”
*how is “see” appropriate here, duh phone…I want to use the word, “are”.
-“Hey, girl what’s up?”
*get girl, is the word that shows up first. So then I have to backspace and re-type “hey”
-This txt just actually happened as I’m writing this: “or we could all just go to Linty’s. gags.”
*Does that make any sense, phone…NO! It was supposed to say, “or we could all just go to Luby’s. haha.”
-“See Michelle and pay coming later”
*Seriously, come on…”Are Michelle and Pat coming later?”
There are many more examples that I can give, but I think you get the point. For some reason the phone apparently doesn’t like auto texting bad words either. This is what I get when I’m trying to curse:
“Dear Body, thank you for allowing me to work hard this morning. Now get ready to be filled with beer-ritas, grilled burgers, chips, dips, and what-not. Cheat day, here we come!”