Today I am thankful for a few things: I am thankful that I have a very flexible schedule that allowed me to help a friend in need this afternoon. I am thankful that we could drown her sorrows and disappointment with a run on the treadmill and still had plenty of time to hit up the happy hour for a few margaritas. And because this is my personal “soap box” I must digress from my “thanks” to a few words about integrity.

Today’s events, that were soothed with margaritas, made me question the integrity of a certain person and a workplace that shall remain anonymous.

Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

For whatever reason, there was a loss of integrity that occurred today and I have a feeling it hasn’t been the first time; which is a shame. There have been many people who have dedicated so much time and effort throughout various positions for this person and the workplace; have worked for less than what they should have been paid; and have stayed anyway because it’s not about the money; it’s about the people.

This is what should matter most: the people, not so much just your consumers or members, but more importantly your employees because that is who “sells you”. Keep your employees happy, show them some appreciation, and you certainly don’t pull some shady ass crap behind their back and expect them to still value their jobs.

I know to a lot of business owners their mentality is “it’s not personal, it’s business”. Well, I’m sorry, but when someone does the best they can, do more than what they are asked with a smile on their face, and take on extra duties to help make things better; it’s not just business…it is personal because they’ve made it personal; through their relationships with clients, co-workers, members of the club, etc. A fitness industry is personal…it’s called personal training…we are up close and personal with the people in our classes and our clients.

As a future gym owner, I guess I have been fortunate to see the things I do not want to happen in my club and how to treat people, and most importantly how to treat my employees. It’s called ethics, respect, honesty, and integrity…because even though at the end of the day, “it’s all about money, and it’s just business” we must remember that people have feelings, too.

Thanks for reading my rants. Maybe this is just a bump in the road for my friend, but there’s a smoother way to go over these bumps, and that’s what she deserved…not a “fly over the speed bump and bottom out” approach.

Peace.Integrity…Get Some.Love.