Because everyone loves looking at picture books, I’ve decided to display the things I am thankful for today by using pictures or video clips. In order to enjoy the video clips you may have to wait a bit for them to download, but believe me…they will be worth the wait 🙂 Oh, and friends, if I missed any of you in the pics, don’t worry. You’ve got 25 more days to be featured.

1. (This is the City Bar from Pottery Barn that Rick and I got for our wedding) But that’s not really what I’m thankful for. Rick and I have been very blessed with generous clients, and for that I am very thankful…for their dedication and their generosity in many ways to both of us.

2. “Kittens Inspired by Kittens!” – I was first introduced to this video by the lovely Hannah. I’m thankful for it because it makes me laugh-EVERYTIME!

3. My “little monkey” who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like, but nevertheless I am thankful for him, and love my little Alex!

4. Finally, I’m thankful for my friends, some who I get to see everyday and others who live further than I would like, but I’m forever thankful for them!

OH WAIT….a special bonus for tonight’s final episode of Housewives of Atlanta and the preview of Housewives of OC. I’m thankful for Nene and her delivery of one-liners…they’re so great and I’m pretty sure I rewind some of them at least 3 times.
Real Housewives of Atlanta – NeNe’s Arsenal of Insults – Bravo TV Official Site

Peace.Many Thanks.Love