Stephanie, a fellow blogger, posted today that her blog was dedicated to raising money for a friend through the website Apparently by giving them a “shout out” and posting this they will donate $20 to any charity of my choice.

If you become their fan on facebook you can earn $5 for any charity, and if you “tweet” about them they will donate $10 to any charity of your choice.

This post came at the perfect time because this morning Travis, my CrossFit coach announced a charity workout he will be hosting to raise money for “The Fight for Feuille” this Saturday. The workout is @ 9am and is $25 to which all of it goes to Robert Feuille who is fighting testicular cancer. After he announced it I told him, “If I was in town this weekend, I would do it!” So, since I won’t be able to do the workout and donate money, I thought I would give this thing a try.

Hopefully, they will allow me to donate to this charity. If you’re interested in doing the same or donating to a charity of your choice…go blog, facebook, or twitter. Cross your fingers it works! 🙂