Look at that perfect….figure….4….

I’m talking about her leg and stride. Achieving the figure 4 running form is one of the many things I learned during the CrossFit Endurance Elements class that I took a few months ago. I highly recommend the CFE Elements class; it’s a 4 week course filled with lots, I mean lots, of very helpful and informative running drills, skills, and techniques. CFE starts Jan. 4th, but you can start before Jan.4th this Wednesday by attending the FREE track workouts.
(Picture below is courtesy of crossfitendurance.com)Starting this Wednesday, December 2nd CrossFit Central Endurance will be hosting FREE track workouts at the O’ Henry Middle School Track Wednesdays @ 6-7am, and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm.

The workouts are FREE for all current CrossFit Central clients. If you are looking for some running motivation, want to become more efficient, develop your endurance, strength and stamina, reduce your chances of injury, OR if you are simply looking for a running partner…Come join me!

For any questions or information you can contact Lisa, and or check out the CrossFit Central Endurance website.

Hope to see you all there Wednesday morning…bundled up and all.

(My version of the “figure 4”)