Alright, time for me to get back to memories of Christmas. The Sound of Music has always been my favorite musical. It do admit that it is a little long; especially for people who have a short attention span, nevertheless I love it anyway.

From what I can remember, I think my mom used to watch it when it came on around Christmas time, and of course I would watch it, too. I got the soundtrack to it when I was probably ten years old and used to pretend that I was directing a choir in my room. For a while when I was in high school I wanted to major in music, and dreamed of my future choir singing pieces from The Sound of Music. I know, what….a dork!

My senior year of high school the Fredericksburg Theatre Company held auditions for The Sound of Music and I was so excited; because I really wanted to be Liesl. I tried out to “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and sadly did not make it. So, instead I played my clarinet in the orchestra pit…not quite the same as being on stage, but oh well.

A few years ago, Rick’s family came to Austin for Christmas and after we ate dinner the Sound of Music came on TV. His mom, aunt, cousin, and I watched it in the living room and we all sang along with the movie…it was so much fun to watch it and sing it with them.

I’m posting the video some of you may have already seen, but I figured it was better to post this version of “Do-Re-Mi” instead of the one from the musical. Enjoy!