This is what I feel like today…a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. I’ve been craving them and eating them all day it seems. Speaking of nuts, I’d like to take you back to last Tuesday’s CFC nutrition meeting, with Coach Crystal, to share with you how Jessica and I reverted back to middle school days.

Crystal was sharing grocery store shopping tips and how we should shop the perimeter of the store; fruits, veggies, meat counter, bulk section (where the nuts are). She said something similar to the following: “First I grab my fruits and veggies, next I get my protein sources, and then I grab my nuts“. Of course, Jessica and I were the only “adults” who looked at each other after that, snickered, and then Jessica said, “That’s what she said!” For real, how old are we?!

Little Miss Suri Cruise

Most Tuesday and Thursday mornings while my client is warming up or when he takes breaks to bring his wife coffee in bed, I flip through the Life & Style section of the statesman to read my horoscope just for “S&G’s”. I just so happened to read over a column about Suri Cruise and the “up-roar” she is causing with moms around the nation due to her love for wearing high heals at 3 yrs old.
My first reaction was, “Is this for real? Did they really include this in the paper?’ And then I thought, “What the hell is that little girl thinking!?’
Normally, I wouldn’t waste my time talking about this little girl, but I feel like expressing my opinion on the matter.

1. I’m going to use my mom’s words on this one. I’m pretty sure she’s “a little too big for her britches”. This 3 year old fashionista has a wardrobe expensive enough to pay for at least 3 Anytime Fitness gyms; an exotic small island (make that 2), numerous college educations…you get my drift.

2. Why would anyone in their right mind wear high heels before they have to? I wear heels maybe once every other week (when I force myself to go out), and my feet start crying 30 minutes into the torture.

3. If she’s not careful, she’s going to end up with some mad bunions, or like my brother Chris likes to call them, a sixth toe. I have no room to talk here, but at least mine are somewhat hereditary and from running.

4. Why am I still talking about this? Here’s the article I read, if you’re interested or if you want to completely waste your time for 3 minutes…but then if you read this far, I think I already may have wasted your time.

Either way, thanks for reading. Go grab some nuts; they’re good for you. And Suri-Smurie…I’m over you already.