I have been avoiding this post for a few weeks; because writing about this means I will have to follow through with this. Here goes…I have one of these pictured below.

Yup, that’s right. It’s a laptop for your wrist; or better known as the Garmin 305…the answer to any endurance athletes’ dreams. However, it can also become your worst nightmare; making you a slave to it’s ultra sophisticated technology. I broke my Garmin’s heart the moment I pushed the “STOP” button after the Boston Marathon. That was nearly 9 months ago. Since then I have used it a total of four times…both times for races. Meaning; when I go for a run, I run how I feel. I don’t glance at my stupid, laptop-watch every 10 sec to see what pace I’m at, or the distance I covered. One might say, “Wow, Melisa. That must be so freeing. To run just for the enjoyment.” WRONG! I stowed away one device, but sold my soul to another. Here she is in all her, evil, OCD-causing, glory…

My pink Polar Heart Rate monitor has become my addiction. Why? Look at the face pictured above. It tells you how many calories you burn while exercising! What do I do with this information? I take it and run with it…to the extreme. I log every workout, the max and average heart rate, and total calories burned as well as duration. And if at the end of the day I haven’t totaled 600-800 calories burned I feel like a total failure. That was my mentality about 4 months ago. My thoughts were, the more exercise the better a.k.a. leads to over-training.

This morning I did the EPOC WOD of 4 Rounds: 10 Thrusters (w/25# DBs) and 10 Burpees. 6:47…Done. Calorie count=83 cals. What!? I was really working it, pushing through my fatigued body, and didn’t even burn 100 calories!? So, of course I decided, that’s it…I’m going to run later today, I just have to. Afterall, who works out for only 6 minutes and settles for 83 cals? Little did I know that person would be me today.

I ran into Jeremy just before I was going to do a short run with Jessica, and asked him basically to give me permission not to run today. He told me not to and to follow the EPOC challenge, and that if I did the workout this morning as hard as I could that was all I needed to do for the day. It took me about 5 seconds to think about it and say, “Alright, it’s settled.”

So, here’s the whole point of this post. I am no longer wearing my heart rate monitor for the next 8 weeks. I will wear the watch, but not the strap. It’s not even comfortable anyways. Instead, I will rely on my body cues of how hard I worked or not. Because if I wouldn’t have worn the dumb thing this morning for my workout, and gone on pure feelings and effort, I would’ve felt as if I burned at least 250-300 cals; and then I most likely wouldn’t have felt obligated to run later, either.

Feel free to take the plunge with me all my heart rate monitor addicts! I know you’re out there. Let’s leave the heart rate straps at home and “break the tech-ies hearts”!