“Failure is only postponed success as long as courage “coaches” ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory” (Herbert Kaufman).

According to eHow.com; “habits are automatic behaviors that can be changed with patience and persistence.” Today is Day 21 of my 90% Paleo/10% Zone Challenge. Have I cheated?…NO! Am I excited about this?…HELL YEAH! Why is Day 21 so important? Because it takes 21 days to break a habit. Google it and you’ll find many websites to tell you this.

This morning Rick and I ran the 3M Half Marathon Relay. I was a little apprehensive about how I might feel considering I have been eating strictly Paleo the last 3 weeks. I’ve never been a big pre-race “carb loader” unless I was forced to during Cross Country; so I wasn’t too worried about my usual Central Market pre-race Cobb salad dinner (w/o Ranch and feta). I was more worried about my body not having as much stored glycogen as it may have had if I were not eating Paleo. However, it was only 6.7 miles; so it’s not like I needed that much gas in my tank.

My old pre-race breakfast consists of: toast with peanut butter, 1/2 banana, sometimes 1/2 cliff bar (if the race is longer than 80min)

My Paleo Pre-race breakfast: Since I wasn’t running until what was supposed to be 7:40ish I packed a banana sliced in half with almond butter between the layers in foil and an apple larabar in case I got hungry. Well, since the race got pushed back an hour, I was glad to have the larabar. I ate the whole banana and half the larabar. Surprisingly, this was enough to not make my stomach rumble while I ran…thank goodness. I think I may have discovered a new pre-race breakfast.

Here’s the “momentous occasion” for me. After races, I usually “reward” myself with either delicious pancakes from Austin Java, homefries, carbs, carbs, carbs. This morning I rewarded myself with a straight up delicious Paleo Post-race breakfast; compliments of Austin Java.

2 scrambled eggs with asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, salsa, and turkey sausage, and a side of fruit shared with the Rickster. Oh yeah, and coffee with 1 packet of sugar in the raw and a small amount of soy (10% zone).

So…what about the race? Overall Rick and I finished in: 1:35:01; finished 1st place in the “Open Mixed” division, and felt great! I wanted to keep my splits under 7 minutes, but that didn’t happen, and that’s ok; especially since I’m currently not training with a group. My leg of the race was 6.7 miles. Here’s the run down:
I warmed up 1 mile easy before Rick got to the relay exchange point.
Mile 1: 7:17
Mile 2: 7:00
Mile 3: 7:06
Mile 4: 7:07
Mile 5: 7:12
Mile 6: 7:03
.76 of Mile: 5:09
Total time=47:58
Avg. Pace=7:06

Goooooo…Team Rehm Train.