First off, I promise not to always blog about Paleo in the next 8 weeks and to not talk only about working out. I’ll alternate to suit everyone’s needs. But since this is what will be going on in my life, and after all this is MY blog, this is obviously what is on my mind.

I was inspired to write this post after a conversation KP and I had on the treadmill this morning(give us a break, it was 25 degrees outside and our precious lungs wanted to stay indoors). She was talking about how she spent a “butt-load” of money at HEB on produce that wasn’t even quality. And I told her that I went to Sprouts yesterday, bought a bunch of produce, chicken, shrimp, and beef, and how I expected it to be super expensive and it only ended up being a little over $30.00. Granted, I will probably have to make another grocery store run this week, but all of those things should last at least until Wednesday…maybe Thursday.

Anyway, to help my teammates for the Challenge and others who may be interested in trying to eat Paleo, I will be posting tips on saving money while eating Paleo by shopping at the right stores, and Paleo dinner ideas. Feel free to take my advice “For What It’s Worth”.

1. Sprouts and Newflower ALWAYS have produce on sale. From my experience it has always been quality as well.

2. Newflower and sometimes Sprouts ALWAYS has almonds and walnuts on sale. The grind-your-own almond butter is also cheap and better than the almond butter in the jar because you don’t have to stir the oil everytime you wanna eat it.

3. As far as protein sources go, check the weekly ads for Sprouts, Newflower, and HEB. I used to throw those ads in the recycling as soon as I got them, but now I keep them long enough to write down which place has the best prices and get shopping!

Lastly, think of all the money you are already saving by going Paleo. No bread saves you about $3 bucks, No extra crackers, chips, and oatmeal (especially organic kinds) saves you all together probably $20-$25 right there, and skipping over the milk, cheese, and yogurt another $20+. All of these savings can help you spend elsewhere or help you buy more organic meats and produce.

Hope this helps, more to come later.