Meet…the SUCKOMETER. What if this followed you around all day? What would it say about your attitude, your thoughts?

If it was with me today walking around Whole Foods it probably would’ve gone back and forth from “sucks less” to “sucks more”. Today is only day 5 of my 90% Paleo goal for the next eight weeks. And for those of you who know me, Whole Foods + Samples= AWESOME/HEAVEN. I was determined to get my Paleo lunch and not grab a quick, tiny sample of bread or cookies or even cheese…UGH.

My mind went back and forth from, “You can do will pay off in 8 weeks” to “Come on, it’s just a tiny, sample”. Well, what happens after that first tiny sample?…the whole rest of the day I assume it’s ok to have a tiny sample of this and that, and those small samples add up to a significant sample.

Who cares about my Paleo attempt, and must I talk about this? Ok. Fine. But the SUCKOMETER can apply to the way we all look at life in general. Why would someone want to walk around with the mindset to “sucks less” and “sucks more”…where’s the positive, optimistic spirit? Instead, I think I’ll use the “AWESOME METER“.