We all scream for ICE CREAM!!
The last time I had, for real ice cream was in August. I went home for my step dad’s birthday and ate about 2 bowls of Blue Bell Birthday Cake ice cream. At the time it was oh-so-good. However, soon after my stomach was cramping, bloated, and I was sick the entire next day. I vowed never again to eat real ice cream, and I haven’t! This is coming from someone who used to love Marble Slab and Amy’s Ice Cream with tons of toppings mixed in.The other day, I swear there were visions of ice cream surrounding me! It is Spring Break in Fredericksburg, the weather was sunny and warm, and I saw so many tourists walking Main St. eating ice cream cones. Then as I was driving home, a lady pulled out in front of me from Sonic and what was she eating!?…an ice cream cone. So, of course the rest of the evening all I could think about was ice cream.

Let’s get to the dang point of this post already! Above are the ingredients I used to make Paleo “ice cream”. It is nothing near the texture of ice cream, and to some it may just taste like a frozen protein shake, but hey it cured my craving so maybe it will cure yours!

Paleo “Ice Cream”

-8 oz. Unsweetened Almond Milk
-1 c. Strawberries
-1 scoop protein vanilla whey protein powder

Blend together and freeze. Then eat 🙂