I must admit, the past few weeks I have drifted off track.  Two weeks ago I was sidelined with my bout of Rhabdo, and the next week I had severe allergies that forced me to take it easier than usual.  I stopped food logging probably a month ago, and the reason I can’t tell you the exact date is because I don’t have my food log with me (mistake #1).  Despite not working out as hard, I somehow managed to lose 5lbs; which made me really excited and then what happened after that?  I started feeling better and ate my way back 5lbs.  Who really cares, is what you’re thinking, right?  Well, sorry but this is my online journal and every once-in-a-while I get to rant and talk nonsense.
While I love to splurge every now and then, I don’t love the way I feel afterwards.  This morning I was defeated in a workout that should have been enjoyable.  And instead of telling myself positive self thoughts to get through the workout, all I could say was, “See…this is what you get for eating like a fat ass the past two weeks.” OR “How do you expect to workout at your best when you ate leftover cake two nights ago, a cookie last night, and crap the whole weekend before!”  Seriously…who besides me plays this mind game? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I guess I just haven’t been my usual, semi-but-not-really “Type A” self.  I haven’t been using my planner, I haven’t been logging my food, and I haven’t been keeping up with my workout journal as well as I should.  My diet has gone from 90% Paleo to about 70%, and I can feel the difference!  I’m not quite sure why I have become un-motivated to be super motivated, but I realize this cannot occur any longer.  People count on me to be an example, and while no one has to be perfect all of the time, I believe it’s important to practice the lifestyle you preach.
(A little less cake- a lot more self control)

While life and social events still must go on, I am going to pick my sloppy self up, seek greater moderation in the things I enjoy, and jump back into the true person I am supposed to be….here we go!