This weekend I spent most of Friday, Saturday, and some of Sunday watching the CrossFit Central athletes compete in the 2010 CrossFit Games. Wow, watching these athletes compete in the crazy, difficult, tough workouts all weekend was inspirational to say the least.  If you would like to see the workouts, the athletes, and results you can find them here.

When I started CrossFitting at CrossFit Central a year ago, about 5 months into it someone smart assly told me, “Oh, I guess you’re another one that’s drinking the juice”.  I’ve also seen people leave comments on message boards on various sites that call CrossFitters a “cult”, and it doesn’t really offend me cause I could care less what other people think, but it got me thinking the following: 
Anyone who is passionate about whatever it is that they do could technically be labeled as “drinking the juice.”  If you’re going to do something and you enjoy it, then most likely it becomes your passion, your preference, you make and achieve goals geared toward this passion, you talk to others about your passion, you research how to get better at this passion. And often times, you aren’t even the one that starts the conversation about it. It’s usually someone else that knows what you do and starts a conversation with you about it.  “How is your running going?” “I hear your training for a marathon.”  ‘”When is your next race”…are all questions I have gotten, without me saying a word.  
For example, when I was into duathlons and triathlons a few years ago, I always looked up when and where the next race was. I talked duathlon and triathlon talk to my friends.  I had a USAT sticker on my car, a USAT membership, and that was my “thing”.  
While I was training for the Boston Marathon and ran with the Gazelles, I went to Gazelle parties, where we mostly talked about running.  And when I would bring Rick to these parties he would say (not in a hater way), “All yall talk about is running.”  When he goes to CrossFit parties with me he says, “Yall always talk about CrossFit”.  Well, this is what we do, this is what we have in common; so obviously that is what we are going to talk about. We don’t do CrossFit, believe in it, and talk about it just because we “drank the juice and joined a cult”.
In my opinion, everyone should be “drinking the juice” in everyday life.  Everyone needs a passion, something they enjoy, something they love other than their family, friends, and children, or what-have-you. And if you don’t and you don’t understand someone else’s interests and passions, well then get over it, find something you enjoy and then come tell me about it.