Some days I have interesting stuff to blog about (I guess), and some days I don’t.  Today is one of those, “I don’t really have anything to write about” days.  So, I decided to share with you some of my beloved Zoila clips. 

If you don’t know Zoila, you should get to know her (see post here). She is awesome, and I wish I had a Zoila and a Jeff Lewis of my own.  Zoila and Jeff are from the Bravo TV Show Flipping Out; which is part of my trash TV line up.  And when I say trash TV, I don’t mean Jersey Shore. I don’t have the patience for those people and I feel dumb and dirty after watching it. The same goes for anything else on MTV. Ever since My So Called Life and Daria went off the air, every other show is a complete waste of time and brain cells, in my humble trash- TV- watching opinion. 
One more quick side note, last week Jess blogged about Zoila and dedicated it to me; so Jess here’s to you! (There’s 6 sec commercials before them all-be patient people)