….Addicted to Facebook or Twitter if….you’ve ever caught yourself doing the following:
Checking status updates on your phone every other minute, and then when you don’t see any you push the “refresh” button and still no recent updates.
Or, have you ever got the message, “None of your friends have recently updated their status.”? That’s when you realize that other people do have a life and can’t update every 5 minutes.
If you plan what status you’re going to write as soon as you’re finished seeing or doing whatever it is you are doing.  For example, yesterday I went to swim laps at the outdoor pool. To my dismay, the outdoor pool was being fixed; so I was forced to swim inside. And as I was swimming lap after lap, I thought of what I was going to put as my status.  But then I couldn’t update my status because by the time I got out of the pool, I was running late, and didn’t have time to get on my phone while hauling my ass to the next appointment! I had planned on writing, “Was forced to swim in the indoor pool. So much for working on my swimmer’s tan, but at least I get to listen to the water aerobics jams. Ha”
Have you ever been nervous before posting a status because you’re not sure how people would respond?
Does your significant other say, “Oh, let me guess..you’re going to post that picture on facebook?”  OR “You’re going to tweet about that, I know”. 
You look through your friends photo albums and stalk them, and then if they are tagged in an album by someone else who is not your friend, you look through their album, too.
You play every single annoying game on Facebook and then clutter the hell out of your friend’s walls because you found some damn goat wandering around or you got to a new level, or your Sorority life character just got laid….(I clearly don’t know about these games)
Your friend calls you to tell you top secret news and then tells you, “I know you’re quick to post to Facebook so please don’t post this” As if I would, but thanks for the bestfriend credit!
You second guess calling someone because you pretty much know how and what they’ve been doing by looking at their wall or page.
I think the all time low would be seeing the previews for the movie Social Network and getting chills and wanting to see it; while you’re husband rolls his eyes at you and says, “I’m not seeing that with you!”.  Seriously, Melisa?…Watch the trailer yourself (here).  In my defense, I think it’s the song that gave me chills.
Anyone have any other signs one could be addicted to Facebook?  Or should we say not so much addicted (it has such a negative connotation).. How about attached to Facebook? Yeah, that makes me feel better.