Image taken from Annie’s Facebook Wall. (Thanks, Annie)
I could easily post this picture and say, “Enough said” and end my blog post there, but we all know that I love to rant; especially when it comes to health habits and since someone pissed me off earlier today, I’m taking it out on all my readers.
This picture conveys the following thoughts to me:
Fries: those look a lot like Mc Donald’s fries….I get it…they’re trying to say that fries are addicting just like cigarettes.
Fries and Cigs: They’re both nasty habits.  They both lead to lifestyle-induced diseases.  Both of which, if smoked or eaten enough can kill you.
Fries: Ok to eat occasionally or better yet, never if you can.  But if you do eat them, the only person you are harming is yourself. Unlike…
Cigarettes: Never ok to smoke.  Never. And if you do smoke, you are harming yourself and others around you…aside from the lung cancer, throwing your cigarette butts all over the yard, on the highways, and side walks is a pain in everyone else’s ass but the smoker themselves.
Which brings me to my soapbox.  I’ve never blogged about how much I loathe smoking because I was afraid someone would say, “Yeah well you think smoking is a disgusting habit, but so is eating six cookies in one sitting”  Which on occasion, during Christmas, I will admit I probably did eat six cookies in a span of 20 minutes.  Comparably, smokers LOVE to use the excuse, “I only smoke when I drink”.  Well, that’s like me saying, “I only eat sweets on the weekends”. 
Either way, you’re still doing it. We all know that “Smoking only when you drink” just as “only eating sweets on the weekend” carries over into the weekdays; especially when we are stressed and craving that desire to have a smoke or eat something sweet.  And soon, one cigarette during the week, turns into 2 or 3 packs a day…just as one sweet during the week can turn into a sugar addiction and some major love handles. 
Here’s my point:  When I see young people, my age or younger than myself smoking, I don’t get it.  I completely understand how people 30+ years older than me are still smoking…because they started before they knew how horrible it was for them.  People my age have no excuse.  None, whatsoever.  It’s not cool, it doesn’t smell good, it kills you slowly day by day, it makes other people sick…I could be here all day.  There is no single benefit.  You don’t lose weight because you smoke, you lose weight because it kills your taste buds and food doesn’t taste good, or because you lose your appetite.  So what, if you claim it calms your nerves…yeah, they’ll be real calm when you’re hacking up a lung when you’re 60 because you can’t breathe and your lungs are black.  
I’ll end here before people get offended, but it’s not like I’ve said anything you don’t already know.  At the end of the day, the decision to smoke, the decision to eat fries, and the decision to eat six cookies in 20 minutes is up to each person…I’m not here to judge, I’m just sayin’.