People always say, “Time flies.  And it flies even faster the older you get.”  I would completely agree with that statement and I’m not even that old.  Actually, I’m either going to really age myself to some of my readers or really reveal how young I am with this post. 
A lot has happened in the last decade.  And if you care to join me on my past journey; well buckle up, cause it’s going to be a long ride. (Pardon my pictures, some of the older ones I had to take pictures of because our scanner doesn’t work…ghetto, I know)
Ten years ago today I was getting ready to graduate high school.  At this moment, I was probably sitting in Pre Calculus joking around with everyone else in the class, and not doing our actual assignment because we were Seniors, the class was ridiculously easy, and our teacher was pretty much a bad ass for letting us get away with anything.  Which may explain why I now use a calculator and my fingers to count or my lack of mathematical ability whatsoever.  In retrospect, one important thing I learned after high school is that the things I thought were so important really weren’t at all.  What did it matter what you wore, what car you drove, or if you were considered popular or not?  I’d argue that most of the “popular” people in high school really aren’t all that today…I mean, really.  (If you happen to be one of the popular people from my class, well then of course I’m not talking about you)  But seriously, I’m sure some of you could agree.
Mom and Dad with me in my HS Drum Major attire
Fast forward to 2002 – Freshman year at Southwest Texas State University…the name didn’t change until a few years later.  Some of you may not know this, but the first month of college I was in the Southwest Texas State marching band; playing my good ‘ol clarinet.  It only took a month for me to realize I was tired of hanging out with band people, switched my major from Music Education and found my true love of Health and Wellness Promotion.  It was also this year that I met my very best friend, Amanda.  We bonded over our shared interest of running and working out; which led us to sign up to run the Austin Motorola Marathon that February. 
Aww….so young. Night before the Marathon
Morning of the Marathon
This was also the year that my “little monkey”, Alex was born.
My nephew, Alex in 2001.
The next year Amanda and I moved into College Inn with random suite mates.  We had no idea who we were to share a suite with.  The day we moved in, we snooped through our neighbor’s bags to get a clue of what type of person was moving in.  We found bags of chocolate chip cookies, Julios tortilla chips, bags of Oreos, etc, etc.  From the looks of what we saw, we were expecting some fatty to be living next door.  Well, lo’ and behold we were surprised.  This is when we met Jessica; the person who completed our wolf pack.  Of course, I met and made many other great girlfriends along the way, but Amanda, Jessica, and I did everything together.  Besides living together, we worked out together, we went to church together, we worked at the rec center together, we stayed in on Friday nights and ate ice cream and chocolate together so we could wake up the next day and workout 3 hours together.  You get the point…

Blurry pic: Amanda, Me, and Jess

Jessica and I celebrating our Capital of Texas triathlon finish (1st triathlon to compete in)

Our SNL Party, Natalie as a Spartan cheerleader, Jess as Mary Katherine Galleger, and Me as Sally O Mally
 My Junior year of college, a guy on the track team convinced me to “walk on” to the Texas State Cross Country team….so…I did.  Even though I wasn’t the best, and got lapped off the track in the 10k race, I enjoyed every single second of the 1000m repeats in practice, the scantily clad uniforms, the clothes stipend we got every semester, and the free PT.  Plus, it taught me a lot of discipline and meeting and running with the other girls on the team is something I will forever be grateful for.  Oh, and our Russian coach was pretty awesome, to say the least!
Me, Coach V, fogot what her name was, Joy, and Kelly at Regional CC Meet
My Senior year, I got an internship at The Hills Fitness Center in Austin.  This is where I met and fell in love with the Rickster.  Well, actually we were really great friends first and as we continued to hang out that’s when I fell in love! 
Graduation: Amanda, Jess, Casey, Me, and Angie

This is when Rick and I were just friends at Midnight Rodeo

Our first official date in Jan 2006
  During my time at The Hills I also trained for triathlons and duathlons with Michael Bland.  He convinced me to race competitively and in 2006 I went to the Duathlon World Championships (along with Jess) and won 1st place in my age group!  This was probably the highlight of my year!
In Denmark train station at World Championships with Jess, Taylor, and Coach Mike

Jacob and I finishing the first run together
 In the next few years, I continued to work at The Hills where I met more great friends and had the best intern ever working with me, Hannah banana. 
Me, KP, Jessica, and Celest

Me, Hannah, Anlla, and Donna
 I also coached Cross Country for St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.  In 2007, I went back to Graduate School at Texas State, where I majored in Health Education persevered through several research papers and late night classes while working as a Graduate Assistant in the Health, PE, and Recreation Department. 
In 2008 Rick proposed and I qualified for the Boston Marathon.
After the engagement
Austin Marathon-Boston Qualifier
My girlfriends and I celebrating the engagement and dress shopping
Alright, let me fast forward this a little faster….I’m aware you don’t have all night to read this. 
2009 – This was the craziest year yet. I ran the Boston Marathon (and got 2 stress fractures two weeks before my wedding) hence Rick and I got married this year. One week later, I graduated from Grad School, we went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia, and as soon as we got back we began planning our business venture to open an Anytime Fitness in Fredericksburg. 
Sealed with a kiss

The bridal party

The Groomsmen

Our room at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia

Dinner at Jade Mountain
I also started CrossFitting with CrossFit Central in the Summer of 2009 and have been hooked ever since!
Our old 530am CrossFit class

My CrossFit “battle wounds”
2010 – In January Rick and I started the build out for Anytime Fitness.  Things took a lot longer than planned, but soon enough we were open for business in April, had the Grand Opening in May, and the rest is history. 
As long and hard as this whole process has been; I love every second of being at the gym.  I feel very blessed and grateful to provide a place for the people in Fredericksburg to become healthier and more fit every day.  Sure, there are times when the last thing I want to talk about is business, but right now this is my life, this is what we do, and this is what I enjoy.
So…that sums up the past decade of my life.  Reflecting on all that has happened in the past ten years makes me realize how fortunate I have been to have experienced so many great things, achieved so much, and met some really great people, co-workers, friends for life, and the man of my dreams.  I can only hope and pray that the next decade will be filled with the same amount of accomplishments, laughter, love, great friends, and family.
And I had to include a picture of Michelle because I’m super glad Pat brought her into the family.   My new “almost” sister! 🙂