The following post may go against a lot of what I preach, but it’s the truth and if you are one of my friends this will sound very familiar to you.
Just last week I was telling someone “I never really get sick”  and I also talked some serious smack about the flu shot on Facebook a few months ago.
Nevertheless, here’s where my stupid “wishes” come in to play.  When people talk about getting the flu, or getting the flu shot, or getting a stomach virus I’m the sick (mentally) person that says, “I’d love to have the flu”…or “I don’t need to get the flu shot“…or “I wish I would get a stomach bug”  only because:
a.  being sick means staying at home
b. having the flu or a stomach bug means not eating; which means you lose weight.
But reason (a) means: when you stay at home; you are not working which also means no dinero coming in.  AND I used to think staying at home while sick meant laying on the couch watching TV all day.  Well…wrong! Because the last two days I have been home sick all I have been able to do is sleep.  It’s like I’m a newborn…I couldn’t do anything but sleep, drink a few sips of water, and sleep again!
Reason (b) is exactly correct.  And in reality, I have lost 4 pounds…but the flipside of that reality is most of it is water weight and water loss because I have been sweating like crazy for no reason!  So, as soon as I am recovered I’m sure those ellbeezies will make their way back!
The most annoying fact of my sick-wishes coming true and biting me in the ass; is that in two days I am supposed to be running the Houston Marathon with Rick.  This will be his very first marathon and I am so proud of him.  Although, most likely I will not be running with him as planned.  As my friend, Jessica put it, “Maybe this is your body’s way of telling you no more marathons”…well body, here’s what I have to say to you: “Suck it!”
So, here’s to never wishing for the flu or stomach virus again, and here’s to me getting the flu shot next year, and here’s to Rick’s first marathon in less than 2 days!!!