Bringing you this blog post live from Starbucks…

I used to stand in line here and be really jealous of the people in front of me who were ordering the banana walnut bread, or the blueberry scones, and the pumpkin swirl cheesecake muffin…and then I would watch them eat it and cry on the inside (not really) because it looks and sounds oh-so-delicious.  And then it happened….one day as I was standing in line, I saw the barista unwrapping a frozen, boxed package of the “fresh”, “soft” banana walnut bread, as well as the other products in the display case and from then on, my longing for Starbucks’ pastries bubble had burst! 

Really, it’s obvious.  Did I really think every Starbucks had bakers who get there at 2am to bake you fresh, delicious treats daily? For me, knowing that those breads and pastries had been frozen and shipped all over the Unites States and were made who knows how long ago, I was no longer tempted to want to order them. 

On the same note, I saw on someone’s Twitter the other day that it’s Girl Scout cookie selling time.  I blogged about this last year around this time, and I still have the same opinion…don’t waste your time.  For the amount of calories, carbs, and fats in those tiny cookies you may as well go eat one that is fresh out of the oven from a local bakery or make homemade ones yourself.  I’m not hatin’ on the Girl Scouts because you can still donate to their troop without having to buy the cookies. 

Lastly, the Christmas (or whatever holiday) baskets….if it’s wrapped in cellophane and everything is boxed up, keep it wrapped and boxed and give it to someone else.  However, there are some exceptions – wine baskets are always ok and should be opened immediately 🙂  But really…if you want to talk about shelf life; these products definitely have a really long shelf life which means it probably has just as long of a shelf life on your tummy, ass, and thighs. 

So…you’re welcome for bursting your bubble.  I hope that this has helped shed some light on your weaknesses if they’re anything like mine and will no longer be tempted to eat something that in reality, is really not worth it.