Sadly, I must admit…these…are my feet.
I know, I know…hideous.  I live with them every day.  My brother likes to call the bunion on my left foot my “sixth toe” and the right one is not far from it.  Nevertheless, this post is not about my feet.  Actually, it kind of is.
When the temperatures drop and it gets really cold outside, my feet freeze!  It doesn’t matter if I wear socks all day, and then change into my thick, wool socks at home.  Without fail, when it’s time to go to bed and take my socks off, my feet are still cold, like glacier cold.
One of my favorite things to do when it’s time for bed and my feet are still cold (quit looking at the picture…you’re supposed to be reading)…ahem….one of my favorite things to do when it’s time for bed and my feet are still cold, is to stick my cold feet on Rick!!  I really think it is so funny how bugged he gets when I put my cold feet on him.  All I want to do is warm them on his manly, hairy legs and so when we lie there and he’s about to fall asleep, I inch my foot closer and closer and then ATTACK and put my feet all over him. I really am the only one that thinks it’s funny and sometimes Rick laughs, but then after I repeatedly do it, he loses patience with me. 
Welcome to marrying a turd-wife.