If you’re like me and browse the junk magazines while in line at the grocery store, you probably wonder the same things I do:
How the hell do the Kardashians wind up on every single magazine cover? 
How realistic are those bikini shots and the before and after photos of the celebrities who “lost 10 pounds”?
Where is all the extra skin on the Biggest Loser winners who have lost 100+ pounds…it’s gotta be somewhere and these pics aren’t showing it?
Well, this may shed some light on these bogus magazines, their celebrity cover models, and before and after pictures. 
 A few weeks ago, Mel posted on her blog, The Clothes Make the Girl the following video:
This is just a reminder that if you’re ever feeling inadequate because you are comparing yourself to the people on the cover or inside of magazines, you shouldn’t be!  What you see does not really exist (in most cases).