After already giving away at least ten of these containers this is what remains in our “leftover container” cabinet.

Snap Kitchen and My Fit Foods have become a saving grace for Rick and I when we both work late and don’t have the energy or time to cook dinner.

If I had to choose a favorite between both places, I would pick Snap Kitchen. Their customer service is outstanding, they value their lowly twitter followers, and their selection appeals more to what Rick and I eat.

So stop teasing yourself by going through the drive-thru and ordering off the “healthy”, “lite” selections and get to Snap Kitchen or My Fit Foods and eat up!
My Favorites From Snap (pretty much everything):
Spinach & Goat Cheese Scramble
Paleo Breakfast
Turkey Chili
Bison Quinoa Hash
Turkey Meatloaf
My Favorites from My Fit Foods:
Ninja Tenderloin
Denyse’s Killuh Chili
Turkey Meatloaf
Mario’s Marine Corps Mash
Plus, not only do you get fast, healthy, delicious meals but you’ll never have to buy plastic containers again!


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