My amazing mornings don’t start with “whole grains” and if they did, they wouldn’t “fuel me up to start my day right”.
Thanks, but no thanks Bob Harper.  My amazing morning started this morning with a yoga class with my best friend and a non whole grain breakfast of scrambled eggs with sauteed squash and bell peppers and it fueled me up just fine to start my day right.
In just a matter of a 3 minute commercial break while watching Good Morning America this morning, I saw 2 whole grain commercials telling the nation we needed to eat more grains. 
If you’d like to think “outside the box” and not believe everything the TV tells you check out these blogs while I’m on vacation this week.  Maybe they’ll encourage you to eat more real food, and less whole grains. And if you’re worried about getting your fiber there’s no need to worry about that when you’re mainly eating fruits and vegetables; they have all the fiber you need.
The Clothes Make the Girl – Mel is doing great series of posts this month titled “National REAL Nutrition Month” – good stuff!
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