It’s that time of year again; the season of Lent is upon us.  Without getting into too much detail, Lent is the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter that for Christians is a “time of sacrifice for Jesus”.  “The traditional purpose of lent is the preparation of the believer  through prayer, penitence, alms giving, and self denial” (Wikipedia).
A lot of people choose this time to give up sweets, eating meat, drinking sodas or alcohol; things that mostly benefit themselves and not others. And while I would like to use this as an excuse to give up sweets as well, I don’t think that is the point…because my only pure, honest motive behind that wouldn’t be sacrifice or “self denial” but rather I’d give it up in the hopes of losing some weight.  Which brings me to what I will be giving up for Lent…
I have developed this really nasty, dirty habit over the last few months.  If you’re a female, you can totally relate to the following, but first I shall reveal what it is I am talking about
Seriously, has anyone ever stood on a scale like this before? And btw, that’s some great hamstring flexibility.
If you haven’ t guessed what I am talking about yet let’s look at some of my daily routines with the scale.  And keep in mind, I used to never weigh myself; in fact I think it’s a very poor judgement of how fit you are; because obviously muscle weighs more than fat.  Plus, it’s really not good for the mental psyche (or mine at least).  Any who, like I said, here are some of the scenarios that goes on between myself and the ole scale. 
Scenario Numero Uno: Step on the scale, I like what I see.
(for the record, this happens maybe once a month)
And then I start thinking, “Oh, well it gave me a lower number than expected; so maybe I’ll allow myself a treat today”…#fail.
Scenario Numero Dos: Step on the scale, don’t like the number. Step off, wait for the number to clear, step back on…still don’t like the number, let it clear and then step on maybe 2 more times just to see if it’s accurate.
And when I still get the number I don’t like I start thinking, “Ugh, I thought I felt heavy…that’s probably why my pull ups sucked, cause I’m pulling up a thousand pounds” or “great, the number is up…what am I supposed to eat today?…as little as possible so it will go down by tomorrow, or maybe I should drink less water??”.
Scenario Numero Tres: Step on the scale three times like the above scenario and each time I get a different number…so I move the scale to the other side of the bathroom and take an average of the numbers and then my thoughts start flowing again based on the 1.5 pound weight difference from one side of the bathroom to the other… will I be in a good mood or bad mood?  Which number is right?  #psycho

See, I said it was a nasty, dirty habit.  Sometimes I weigh in the morning, after a workout, at night before I get in the shower, and then again after I get out of the shower…it’s really a cycle of repeated vanity, superficial, meaningless vanity that will be crushed in these next forty days.  I will be hiding my scale in the closet and if it was up to Rick, he would be throwing it in the trash because he’s the one that has to put up with my mood swings triggered by the damn scale.
Now, I realize that you may be thinking, “that’s not really a sacrifice” or “how is that helping anyone other than herself?”  Well let me tell you sister, if you can tell me that your mood hasn’t ever changed by stepping on the scale then maybe you can’t relate, but for those of you that can and have been addicted to the scale you know what I’m talking about.
Besides giving up weighing myself for the next forty days, I plan to do a lot of little extra things that will better myself and the people around me.  Join me if you want, you don’t have to be Catholic or Christian or whatever…how about just trying to do something that will improve your life and someone else’s each day.  If we all did something great, something selfless for the next forty days, this world, this city would be a very different place.