I can tell you how it soon will be…
Do you want to be a better runner without the high mileage?
 Do you want to be more efficient, have less injuries, and overall just feel stronger while you run?
Do you hate to run because you get bored? 
The Maze 10K, first trail race that I DID NOT train for and I believe the only reason I did well was because of CrossFit

Since my Senior year in high school and college especially, I have been an endurance junkie.  The longer the mileage, the better.  You tell me to run 4 miles, I’ll run 6.  Run, run, bike, run, run and then ouch, sore, hurt, stress fracture, sidelined from running.  For about 3 years I trained with the Gazelles, a running group in Austin and maintained running about 30-40 miles a week. When I trained for the Boston Marathon in 2008-09 I decided to increase my mileage to 50 miles a week because I thought if I wanted to be a better runner and faster marathoner I needed to run more.  Well, turns out I was dead wrong and I got two lovely stress fractures to prove my point.
In August 2009, I went through the CrossFit Central Endurance Elements program with Lisa Thiel and Carey Kepler in search of an answer to be able to do what I love (run) without being injured all the time.  Long story short…the 5 week program helped retrain my running brain and technique to a more efficient, stronger way of running.
I went from running 5-6 days a week 60-90 minutes at a time, to 3 times a week 25-40 minutes, 90 minutes at the most.  I was very skeptical to make the switch because high mileage was all I knew, but after training the past year by strictly following endurance workouts from the CrossFit Endurance website and running mostly POSE, I have not only maintained the speed I had while training with the Gazelles, but I feel a lot stronger, and most importantly (knock on wood), I have been injury free!! **
The Tough Cookie Du – cycling in my diva sun glasses
So, if you are looking for answers to the above questions it’s not too late to join myself, Carey, and Lisa for CrossFit Central Endurance Elements starting tomorrow. For more information check out this website.
**The asterisks by “injury free” indicate that aside from some slight knee pain which has been greatly relieved from the super awesome, Sam Sneed I have been feeling stellar!