No, this post is not about the keys to a “Perfect Marriage” between husband and wife it’s about the perfect marriage between two recipes I combined for breakfast that were AMAZING!
The first recipe (and picture below) is brought to you from Balanced Bites.  I present to you… Zucchini Pancakes.
For the recipe, click the Balanced Bites link above.
The next recipe is from Mark’s Daily Apple, root vegetable hash. 

Boiled beets, rutabaga, turnips, sweet potato, carrots (my picture)

Mark Sisson’s creation (pic from Mark’s Daily Apple)

Here’s the secret you’ve all been waiting for….turn your leftovers from both of these dishes into an amazing breakfast!
Heat up your veggie root hash, scramble up some eggs, crumble zucchini pancakes over the scrambled eggs while they’re cooking, throw the eggs on the hash, add some avocado and there you have it: The Perfect Marriage between leftovers! 
There’s no better way to start your day than with protein and lots of power packed root vegetables to fuel you through the day!
(For both recipes, click on the above links and ENJOY!)