Have you ever tried on a cute top or beautiful dress that fit everywhere else but your back?
Have you ever been stuck in the dressing room looking like this?
Almost off…so close…stuck on my lats!
I like to call the above picture an example of my dressing room “wiggle dance”.  About every other time I try on dresses that is what happens to me.  I get the dress on, look it over, sometimes it looks good, I take it off to try on the next and…..it gets stuck on my man back (aka: rib cage/my lats).  It’s not fun.  It’s not pretty.  And usually I can’t ask for help from an attendant because I’m not wearing appropriate underwear, and when a dress is stuck over your head that’s all that is exposed.

Yesterday as I was trying on a bridesmaid’s dress for an upcoming wedding, I realized why I love to wear workout clothes all day, all the time…Because it actually fits me!  Here’s the run down of what happened:
I walk into David’s Bridal and tell the woman I’m there to get fitted for a bridesmaid’s dress.  She asked me my size and I told her my lululemon size: “Sometimes a 6, sometimes an 8”.
 So she grabs me both of those sizes; I go the dressing room, the size 6 won’t fit over my rib cage = FAIL.  I reluctantly grab the size 8, put it on, try to zip it up, and again…FAIL.  I walked out of the dressing room to show the woman helping me (with a very pissed off look on my face and half of the dress zipped) that the dress fit everywhere else; it just won’t zip up my man back. 
She guides me over to the other sizes, and as she hands me the SIZE 10 I tell her,
“I’m not very happy about this, and now I’m going to be pissed off for the rest of the day” 
To which she responds: “I bet you’re an athlete…you’re just muscular, that’s it” 
In my mind I said, “I wonder if that’s the new phrase for ‘I’m just big boned’ that I used to use back in my chunk-fest middle school days”  Out loud I told her, “Yeah well, I still don’t prefer to be wearing a 10!
End of story: I ordered the dress, paid for it, and told myself that maybe the dresses just run small; blaming my half German heritage for beastly-like features, and vowing that one day I will have my own tailor so I can fit any dress perfectly to me and never know the size!