As many of you know, Rick and I own the Anytime Fitness in Fredericksburg.  Opening a gym has been one of Rick’s lifelong dreams and we were so excited to be able to follow through with it.  From day one this business has been about helping others become healthier and active, changing lives, and providing a place for people to do this all the time, anytime, for as long as they wish.  This is our first and foremost objective.

A few times when Rick or myself has mentioned that we own an Anytime Fitness to people (ignorant people, might I add) they reply with, “Oh, that’s a money maker, such a great concept…sign a bunch of people up, make them sign contracts, and charge them whether or not they are using the gym” .
Are You Kidding Me?
The first time someone told me this I was dumb-founded because I actually do care whether or not people are using the gym.  I really didn’t know how to respond, because I was offended that someone would think that is the reason we got into this business. 
Sure, I think for some owners all they care about is the bottom line, and from personal experience I have worked at a gym where that was the owner’s primary concern and it’s very visible.  Rick and I will tell you that we aren’t the most business savvy; we don’t know a lot about it, but we do know a lot about health and fitness, it is our passion, it’s what we do, it’s what we love and for us that is why we do what we do every single day.  We don’t come to work to just sign a bunch of people up, get their credit card information, charge them every month, and say, “Good luck!” 
We aren’t Planet Fitness
We don’t just offer 12 month contracts like it was recommended to us in the beginning because we understand that not everyone wants to be held under a contract. Maybe that’s a mistake on our part, but again it’s not just about pushing people through; to us, it’s so much more than that and I really do not appreciate being compared to Planet Fitness or any other gym who’s primary goal is to sign up 1,000 members and only charge $10/month.  Where’s the integrity of your gym if that’s all you’re charging? What are you saying about your facility, employees, equipment when that’s all you are charging?
We are Independently Owned & Operated
Another misconception people have about Anytime Fitness is that we get funding from a corporation and that we don’t pay any bills.  Just because it’s a franchise doesn’t mean we have endless amounts of money to spend and that it all comes from a corporate office.  Each Anytime Fitness is independently owned and operated; we cover every and all expenses ourselves.  We don’t have a cleaning crew, laundry service, or general manager at this time.  Which means, when people don’t know how to wipe off their dirty feet before they come inside or get on a machine, we clean it up. When people don’t know how to put down the toilet seat or pick up the paper towels they left on the floor, we do it.  When the towels disappear, we have to purchase new ones. When they get dirty my dad and/or mom graciously washes, dries, and folds them.
To Each His Own
Like I said before, there may be plenty of gym owners who’s sole purpose is to make money regardless if they are helping others in the process.  That’s not me, that’s not Rick, and that’s not what we do at our Anytime Fitness.  Thousands of dollars or dirt poor, at the end of the day I want to be able to go to bed at night knowing that I wasn’t driven by money, but knowing that I have helped others become healthier, reach their goals, change their lifestyles for the better.  I wasn’t given my talents and abilities, and I’m not where I am today to discover my piece of the pie, take it, and leave everyone behind.  That’s not how I want to live my life; that’s not how I want to be remembered.