I’m not sure why I really even care about the following topic, but every time I see a story about celebrity baby bumps I get annoyed.  Maybe it’s because I have been mistakenly asked if I was pregnant twice by the same cleaning lady at The Hills! So, I guess I can relate to how the celebs feel when they see themselves on the cover of magazines, on television news shows, and celebrity gossip websites when it’s speculated that they are preggers when in fact, they are not.
This afternoon as I was running on the treadmill I caught a picture of Scarlet Johansen with the caption, “Baby Bump!?”  I couldn’t tell what they were saying because I didn’t have headphones, but I assumed they were discussing whether or not she was pregnant or if she just “let herself go”.
Let herself go?
What the hell does that mean anyway? And what’s it to the world (and the lady who loves to ask if I’m pregnant) if I want to eat pizza every-once-in-a-while or drink a little too much wine, an extra margarita, or consume a little more sugar than usual?!  Seriously…is a woman not allowed to “let herself go” for a day, a night, a weekend without everyone assuming they’re preggers when a tiny belly appears!? 
It’s a food baby….
It happens.  Most humans don’t eat healthy 100% of the time. And if they do; they don’t have a life, and probably don’t have any friends either.  And when someone who is used to eating clean most of the time chooses to go on a “bender” or eat a slice of cake, a few pieces of bread we puff up….or at least I do. 
It could be the clothes…
I read on a celebrity blog that Scarlett’s rep said it was “the placement of her shirt that is misleading”.  Now, bear with me guys if you are still reading because you can’t relate to this, but women’s clothes fit differently on different days.  One day a shirt can make you look good, and one day it can make you look like a cow.  The same is true for pants and definitely spandex, may I add.  One day they lay just right and fit perfectly and the next day you’ve got a muffin top or a baby bump out of nowhere.  I blame it on our weird bodies (hormones) that yet again, men cannot relate with.
Are you with me?….
So, ladies I’m sure you’re with me by now.  And in case you haven’t caught my drift yet, we are allowed to “let outself go” every once in a while and we certainly should be able to without anyone accusing us that we’re pregnant.  Only I am allowed to stick my belly out at the end of the night and make fun of myself for eating to0 much and show Rick my baby belly…no one else has that priveledge…so, consider yourself warned!
Now this..is a food baby NOT a real baby!