Elana Amsterdam has become a saving grace for celiacs and gluten free foodies everywhere.  I’ve posted many of her recipes on this blog before and you can find her on my blog list on the right side of the page that will take you to her website filled with gluten free, grain free, 100% delicious recipes.
Pictured above is her newest cookbook, Gluten Free Cupcakescan you say, “Amazing!”?  A few months ago she released a teaser about the book coming out in April and immediately I thought, “I have to buy that!” At about the same time, my mom had just purchased a cupcake cookbook too, that is definitely not gluten free.  And as soon as I get this cookbook in the mail, I will be challenging my mom to a cupcake bake off! 
You can order the cupcake deliciousness by clicking the picture above for a whopping deal of $9.23!!  And while you wait for your cookbook to arrive, you can find one of the recipes found inside, here (strawberry cupcakes).
The reason I love all of Elana’s recipes is because the ingredients’ list is very minimal.  Most of her recipes use the same ingredients, they are grain free, gluten free, and can be made very easily.  I’ve searched other websites for gluten free baked goods and most of them use potato flour, rice flour, oatmeal, weird sugars, etc, etc….it kind of takes the fun out of baking because they require a lot of ingredients that not many people keep in their house.  With Elana’s recipes, stock you kitchen once with almond flour, coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt, vanilla, honey/agave, and you’ve already got a starter for most of her recipes.
Enough reading and enough about what I think….what are you still doing here?  Get on over to the Amazon link and pre-order Gluten Free Cupcakes!  Take my word for it or just go ahead and try them yourself.