Does anybody remember this commercial?  I don’t, but somehow I do remember the very beginning where they say, “Refrigerator Raider”….
Last weekend after our refrigerator went out, I realized how much I take it for granted.  Luckily, it was Sunday and we hadn’t gone grocery shopping for the week; so we didn’t have to throw away any meat, but we did have to part with nearly a dozen eggs, spinach, and Rick’s milk.  It took almost a whole week to get fixed; so in the meantime I had to resort to liquid protein and nuts for my meals. I couldn’t cook anything for dinner because we would have nowhere to store the leftovers and anything I would cook would require refrigeration until I was ready to cook it. 

I know some of you are probably thinking, “Why didn’t you just use an ice chest?”  Well, you see I have this phobia of ice chests because our house was once a duder-house (before I moved in) where an ice chest could be found in the kitchen, in the dining room, three in the garage, and a few on the back porch….needless to say, after I moved in the ice chests went into the garage where they now reside.  Becase last time I checked we don’t live in a trailer park!

Ok, where was I?…..I had to get that out…

 I’d like to think that I did a modified version of intermittent fasting because I didn’t have anything to pack for meals or snacks on the go so I starved for most of the day; and then Rick and I would grab Snap Kitchen or Central Market for dinner.

I couldn’t boil eggs, buy any meat, or veggies because I would have nowhere to keep them cold.  So, what did I survive on for the whole week?  My routine went a little something like this:
-slice of defrosted Gluten Free toast that at $5 a loaf, I was not going to throw away!
-Dinner of Central Market or Snap Kitchen
(repeat 5 days in a row)
I felt a little leaner from not feeding myself all day like I normally do; however I wouldn’t know since I gave up weighing myself for Lent.  Speaking of which, it has been a huge sacrifice because I have wanted to weigh myself oh probably 100 times since Ash Wednesday, but have not given in. 
I realize there was no real point to this blog other than I loathe random ice chests sitting around and to never take my refigerator/freezer for granted.  Nevertheless, if you’re still here; thanks for reading.