This Saturday Bonita and I took on the Woodward CrossFit Women’s Throwdown as Team Thunder N’ Lightening.  The competition involved 2 team workouts and tons of fun!
Workout #1
As many reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
20lb DB Push Press
20LB DB Squats
5 burpees by each team member to be done at the top of every minute
Only one person working at a time.


B doing work
Workout #2
 Carry everyday objects back and forth 150m as many times as possible in 12 minutes
*One team member had to carry the sledge hammer at all times
Sandbell, sledgehammer, filled spray bottles

Tire, sledgehammer

Filled gas can

All the women competitorsrs
Bonita and I went as solid and fast as we could, yet somehow we didn’t place in the top 3; and the final scores have not been posted on their website yet, but most importantly we did have fun and gave it our all!  And I’ve got some temporary battle wounds to prove it…not long after brusises began to appear on my shoulders, wrists, and hips.