Until last Tuesday I had no idea what “planking” was.  While training my client last Tuesday he asked me, “So, do you plank? Are you into planking?” 
And I responded, “Uh…I don’t think so. What is that?” 
My 1st plank of the trip – Chimney Rock Winery
Well, obviously in the past week I learned what “planking” was from Michelle while traveling to California and from that day “planking”, delicious food, wine, and working out were the only things on my mind during our trip.  Poor Rick got pretty tired of me saying, “Oh…what about there?…What if I plank on that?…Take a picture….Do you think I’ll fall?….” 
Personally, I think the planking pictures look like I was drunk and found a random place to pass out and then someone took a picture.  However, that is not the case; all of these planks were intentional; as ridiculous as they may appear.
 Behold my planking adventures; as well as special appearances from Pat, Michelle, Lauren, and Rick.
Stopped to plank on the way to the gym
Michelle planking in the hotel

Pat’s creative Plank we got over text message…hilarious!

Planking on the dumbbells of course…this one looks like I was seriously tired of working out and decided to nap on the weight rack

Rick planking between the beds

Planking the unsuspecting shopping cart outside of Starbucks

Planking at Emerald Park…or something…I was too busy planking to remember the name

Michelle’s crazy ass planking outside, on a rail, while it’s SNOWING!

Look who’s dumbass decided to join her in the snow; in a dress!!

Attempting to plank on poor Lauren

Michelle and I planking under Veronica’s wedding dress…note the glass of wine; this explains so much

Always classy…Michelle and I planking in the restroom

Planking on the table at the reception

Planking in San Francisco at Union Square
Last plank of the trip on the back of a pedi cab at Pier 39
So; there you have it.  Planking in a nutshell….which one is your favorite?