Tomorrow I leave for California to watch the 2011 CrossFit Games.  I’m super excited to be going this year because CrossFit Central will be represented by 3 rock star athletes, Lisa Thiel, Carey Kepler, and Lindsey Smith.
Who are these women, you ask?….
(watch the video below to get a glimpse of what it took to get them to the Games)

To get a taste of what I will be watching LIVE Friday, Saturday, and Sunday check out this video below…

And if you haven’t gotten chills by now from watching both of these videos, well….´╗┐then watch them again!
Even though I’ll most likely be away from my blog for the weekend, you can follow all the action on Twitter  (but I must warn you, my friend Michelle claims I “tweet more than all three Kardashian sisters”).
You can follow the 2011 CrossFit Games here.
And you can also check out some great athlete videos on