Rick and I after the Wildflower 10K and 5K (he trains CrossFit Endurance, too!)
Let’s rewind 2 years and 3 months ago….it was the day after the Boston Marathon…crippled and hobbling through the streets of Boston with pubic stress fractures.  Rick, my dad, and myself met Jeremy and Lisa Thiel (who also ran the marathon) for breakfast in downtown Boston.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then crammed in the backseat of a cab together where Jeremy proposed that I quit talking about wanting to try CrossFit and just do it already, after I was healed of course.  He may have said something along the lines of how it would improve my running performance and keep me from getting injured…I can’t remember our exact conversation, but whatever he said stuck that time and I started CrossFit Central Relentless bootcamp that July, and then switched to indoor classes a month later.
Fast forward to today and here I am…a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, loving CrossFit, and most of all I have learned a new approach to my former endurance training…no longer logging high milege and running through injury.  To read more about what CrossFit Endurance training has done for me click here.
My whole point of this post is that if CrossFit Central Endurance classes would have been offered two years ago when I started CrossFit, I would have jumped right in!  I am very excited to announce the launch of this training program and encourage all endurance athletes, competitive, non-competitive, beginners, etc to check it out and start with the rest of us NEXT WEEK!  To see more of what the CFE program is about check out Lisa Thiel’s blog.