This past weekend Rick and I attended AdvoCare Success School.  Even though this was my third time to attend, I still walked away with new information not only about the products, but most importantly about setting goals, achieving them, and believing that you can accomplish them.

I must admit that until about a year ago, I was never a big goal-setter.  I mean, I had goals but I never really wrote them down.  I would just tell myself what I wanted to do or accomplish, and would do it.  However, I’ve recently learned how powerful it is to actually write down your goals and create a vision board and to place these things where you will see them every day as a reminder to what you wish to accomplish.  As part of coaching for CrossFit Central, we are encouraged to set goals and find accountability partners to share them with so we can check in with one another.  Luckily for me, two of my best friends, Karen and Jessica, also coach for Central and together we have formed an accountability team.  We met two weeks ago to write down our goals; which I will share with you in another post.
“Dream Stealers”
I think we all know what this title means, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all had them come in and out of our lives at one point or another.  These are the people who intentionally and unintentionally try to talk you out of your dreams and goals; people who are afraid for you to become something better and greater.  They’re the people that tell you,
“That’s never going to work.”
“What are you going to do with your Masters anyways?”
“You really think you can win?  That’s a big competition.”
“All that running is not good for your body.  Lifting that much weight is dangerous.” 
You won’t last past a week eating that way…..”
The list of negativity is endless; and it’s unfortunate that we have people in our lives who would talk to us this way.  As we were driving back from Success School Rick asked me, “You know those people in your life that just drag you down and suck the energy out of you?” 
I thought about his question and then answered; “No, because I don’t have any friends like that.  And the friends that I did have like that aren’t my friends anymore.”
As harsh as it may sound, the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized that you don’t have to be friends with everybody.  Sure, you should treat others as you would want to be treated, and you should love everyone, but you should love yourself more and where you’re going in life and know that you don’t have to hang out with people who keep you from being your best self, people who create drama, stress, and negativity in your life.  I always like to think of the verse, “He who is not with me is against me” (Matt 12:30).  If you can’t see my vision, if you don’t share my dreams, and if you don’t think I can accomplish anything through Christ who strengthens me, well peace out and God bless…cause I’m moving onward and upward with or without you.
If you can list more than 1 dream stealer in your life, you need to either have a heart to heart with them or make new friends, because you deserve to be encouraged to dream your dreams and accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.