Lately it has been the running joke around me that I am a social media-ing fool.  As you can recall here, there were many pics taken of me on vacation always being on my phone, most likely tweeting to the masses.  And honestly, compared to the people I hang around my social media “addiction” is nothing….I mean for real.  If you want to follow some serious “tweeters”, I can give you their names.
Getting to the point of this blog post:
Social Media Can Hook You Up with FREE Stuff!
A few months ago when Elana Amsterdam came out with her new cookbook; Gluten Free Cupcakes, she sent me two copies.
Not too long ago Applegate Farms sent me coupons in the mail because I tweet about how much I love their products. 
Yesterday, out of the blue and not knowing where they came from, I got two NEW cookbooks in the mail; one was addressed to @melisaloo (my Twitter name) and the other to “For What It’s Worth” – what you are reading now.
 Behold the latest addition to my Gluten Free Cookbook collection:
Now, I must admit when I opened the packages and saw the title I said out loud (to myself) sarcastically, “You know me; I love Asian food” .  Because honestly, we never go to Asian or Chinese restaurants because I don’t like nor eat rice, I never know what kind of sauces are on the food, and I never really give it a chance.  BUT…..let me tell you, my palate and eyes are about to be opened with this new cookbook.  There are some awesome recipes in here, I know what ingredients I will be eating, it will be fresh, it will be good, and I am excited!
My goal is to cook something from The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen at least once a week, or every other week, and I will definitely keep you posted on the recipes and reviews.
Much thanks to whoever sent these to me!