I am super excited about watching ESPN 2 tonight!

I know what you’re thinking,

“Wait….Am I reading the right blog? Did she just say what I thought she said?  Is this the same Melisa that loves to watch anything and everything on Bravo TV?  The same Melisa that goes to tailgates and football games purely to socialize and occasionally spectate?”
That’s right ladies and gents!  I’ve got my DVR already set to record on ESPN 2 tonight from 7-9pm for the 2011 CrossFit Games.  And although I’ve already seen it live in person, and  will be watching it again tonight, I plan to save this baby to watch over and over when I need some motivation and inspiration.
The only other sport that gets me this excited and that can capture my attention for longer than 30 minutes on TV is the Ironman coverages they show on NBC from time to time.  No other sport can make me tear up a little as I watch all different levels of athletes compete to finish a race of 140.2 miles.  Every time I watch, I want to set up my bike on the trainer in the living room and ride along with them because it’s SO inspiring. 
Tonight, I have the same expectations for the 2011 CrossFit Games.  Although, I don’t see myself wanting to bring out a barbell in the living room and start doing heavy thrusters or a bajillion pull ups, push ups, and squats.  But who knows, maybe watching will at least inspire me to do foam roll and do my mobility exercises that I often neglect.
Either way, whether you are a CrossFitter or not, I highly recommend you tune into ESPN 2 TONIGHT.  It will be time well spent!