As you know from Sunday’s blog post, Learning MY Strengths, I am doing some serious soul and goal searching with the rest of the CrossFit Central crew.  This self-discovery is all very new to me because I’m usually more interested in other people than I am about myself.  I know…I know…From the outside looking in and knowing that I have a Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Tumblr I know it seems hard to believe, but really I don’t like talking about myself, nor discovering myself.  To me, “I am what I am”, and “It is what it is” are phrases that I could easily draw on instead of me actually getting to know me.
Honestly, I usually have to ask other people to tell me something about me.  Last week, I had to ask Jessica what she thought my biggest pre-conceived notion is that stops me from reaching my goals. 
This week, our task was to identify 4-6 core values of how we live and what guides our daily life.  I came up with the list and then double checked with Rick to see if they sounded like me.  I mean really, would any of you have to do that? Or would you know immediately?  Without further adieu, here they are:
Spiritual: I have faith in something bigger than myself and know that all I experience, all that I am is a blessing from God.  I start my day with gratitude and prayer.  Without spirituality in my life, I would not be the person I am, and where I am today.

Family: My family is very special and important to me.  I would put them above anything else in a second if they needed my help for anything.  Both my mom and dad, as well as my grandparents helped instill strong values and morals in my life growing up and still do today. 


Humor: I believe life is so much better when you can find joy or happiness in a situation. I like to laugh, smile and make others do the same. I would also include light-hearted in this one because I’m more that than super serious…unless a situation calls for me to be seriously, serious…
Determined: I’m determined to accomplish a task given to me. Determined to be the best trainer I can be for my clients, determined to be the best wife, friend, daughter, sister I can be.  My determination helps me succeed and gets me excited to wake up every day. 

Honest: I am honest to people with my thoughts, feelings, and actions because I expect that in return and it’s the right thing to do.