Maybe this title would be better suited as, “The Proof is in the Performance”.
Excuse me while I make a shameless plug for exactly how much and why I love CrossFit Endurance training.
In the past week, I have participated in 3 endurance events: Zilker Relays, Pure Austin Driveway Dash bike race, and the Got Guts 5K.  Here is what my training has looked like in the past 6 months….(this is why it’s important to keep a training log)
CrossFit – 3-4/x week
Track Workouts or treadmill workouts -2x/week
Mid distance run – 1x/week
Spin bike workouts – 1x/week (not consistent)
The last time I was on my actual bike outside was July 22nd. 
 Now, why does all this matter to you or me? 
Because I have gone from running 30ish miles a week to just around 10-12 miles a week; yet I have been able to maintain my 5K performances by logging quality miles, becoming stronger in my hips, legs, and core through CrossFit, and my overall energy while doing this has been at an all time high, as opposed to always feeling tired and over-worked when I was running 30+ miles a week.
So…for those of you who want to see data comparisons:
Zilker Relays 2010: Time – 16:31
Zilker Relays 2011:Time – 16:17
Me, Lisa, and David at Zilker Relays
The Pure Austin Driveway Dash is a “bike race” that consists of riding as many loops as possible for 30 min.  I decided on a whim this Thursday to race it since I would be out there watching my brother ride anyway.  I missed the mass women’s start because I was still warming up; so I played catch-up the entire first loop, passed the back of the pack, but never caught up to the front.  However, keep in mind that I hadn’t been on my bike in almost 2 months; yet I was able to maintain a 20.1 mph speed for 28 minutes….CrossFit Endurance at it’s finest, baby!
The Got Guts 5K was on the same course as the Danskin triathlon (cross country-style) which I did in 2008.  So comparing that 5k to today’s time probably isn’t the most accurate considering I wasn’t riding a bike before I ran this morning, but….
5K Danskin Course 2008 – 22:15
Got Guts 5k 2011 – 21:48
Benjamin, Me, Lisa, Luis – CrossFit Central Endurance athletes
This fall I have a few half marathons planned, as well as full on duathlon training.  I’m ready to get back into racing more consistently and I’m looking forward to seeing how my performance will be strictly training CrossFit Endurance-style.  If you’d like to train this way, or with me check out CrossFit Central Endurance.