As many of you know, I am in the process of going through a leadership development program with CrossFit Central. Each week we meet with someone on our team, talk about our strengths, core values, goals, and just life in general. I have really enjoyed this whole process and getting to know each other on a deeper level than just, “Oh, I love your new Adidas watch.” or “Those lulu pants are awesome” or “Dang, you be lookin’ ripped”.…cause we (I) say that stuff all the time…
This week, my partner is the Jeremy Thiel.  Oh, J-Tizzle….where do I even begin….
How about here?

Jeremy during his triathlon days

Or here?….this is how I know JT best, for his sweet dance moves
In all seriousness, I have known Jeremy since my sophomore year at Texas State, where we met through a mutual friend, raced on the Texas State Triathlon team together, and went to the same church.  One of my first thoughts about him was, “This guy seems pretty intense and what’s this Spark stuff he’s drinking?”

Fast forward 8 years later, and I still think the same thing…he’s pretty intense and judging by the amount of focused direction and energy he has, I’m pretty sure he has a secret IV-drip of Spark hidden somewhere on his body.  Behind all of his intenseness, lies not only a silly, fun-loving, big-cheese smiling guy who loves to dance, but also someone who gives great advice on business, life, and where you’re going with it.
Jeremy is someone I can confidently take advice from because I have watched him leave college to help his sister, Carey open up CrossFit Central at the very grassroots.  I’ve seen Central grow and expand and enrich the lives of others and the community of Austin over the years, and it has been amazing to see where it has gone and exciting to be a part of where it is going; above and beyond!  None of what he and Carey and the other coaches have created have come without hard work, self development, leadership development, faith, commitment, and a responsibility to serve others with excellence in all areas; not just CrossFit.  
I could make this post go on and on, but I’m afraid I’ll lose your attention.  After meeting with Jeremy this week, I feel a greater sense of responsibility to create my own opportunities, to capitalize on my strengths, and to make some moves….NOW! 
(all of this to be covered in a later post)
I truly believe people are placed in our lives and in and out of our paths at just the right time.  Having Jeremy present in my life and path is no accident; I am grateful for his influence, friendship, and the faith he has in me to be a part of the CrossFit Central coaching family.  I AM HERE!