Earlier this month, CrossFit Endurance posted on their .com this video about
“Program Mixing: Don’t Be That Guy; Stick with a Program”. 
For the past few months my training routine has not really been structured, nor have I had a goal other than to get strong.  It’s looked something like this:
Mondays – Strictly Strength and Bikram Yoga
Tuesdays – track/run workouts + CrossFit Central workout + Bikram Yoga
Wednesdays – Strictly Strength
Thursdays – run + CrossFit Central WOD + Bikram Yoga
Fridays – Hero WOD at The Combine and/or Bikram Yoga
Saturdays – some sort of run or CrossFit WOD
Sundays – rest.
It’s a little all over the place, and while this may look structured to some; it’s really not focused.  I probably do too much on some days; just because “I want to get in an extra workout”.  However, now that half marathon and duathlon season is coming around; I know I need to be more focused on my training. I need to set dates on the calendar of competitions, races, etc. instead of just training to train. 
So; thanks to Benjamin my CrossFit Central Endurance coaching partner, he has designed us both (as well as the CFC Endurance class) a focused, 12-week program.  Benjamin and I will be “leading from the front” for our classes that we coach.  We will do all the workouts they do, and aside from that I will continue to do Bikram yoga but no more “extra workouts just cause I feel like it”
I need to train like an athlete; not an obsessed worker-outer. 
I may need a reminder of that previous sentence as this has been a bad habit of mine for quite sometime: over training just for fun.
I’ll be posting my CrossFit Endurance training on this blog for the next 12 weeks, as well as other stuff because I know some of you could care less about what kind of workouts I do. 
Quick plug: If you want to join in on this training join the CrossFit Central Endurance “Bucket List Challenge“.  You can find more information by clicking the link.