First, I would like to say thank you to all who organized the event, everyone who volunteered, and who came out to support and cheer on all the athletes competing yesterday.  Benjamin Palmer, my fellow CrossFit Central Endurance coach, and I competed as #TeamApplebottom and came out 10th place overall. 
The Godai Elements consisted of 4-5 events that included “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains using the elements of the Godai and the 10 General Physical Preparedness Skills”.
One of the only reasons I was interested in competing in this event is because the first workout was announced and consisted of: 2 mile run + 200m swim.  Then when I saw that every workout must be performed Rx (no scaling the weight), I was a little hesitant.  After emailing Winchester my doubts and asking him if he thought I could do it, and getting “Silly Strong” with Travis Holley in Strict Strength for the last 3 months; I decided to #gettough and sign up as a team; hence “#TeamApplebottom” was born.
Mister “70’s Big” Benjamin Palmer and I.
This is how the day went for Benjamin and I (according to me).
WOD 1: “Earth+Water” 2 mile (mud run) + 200m Swim
The run was 2 loops around the Texas Ski Ranch “lakes”; followed by an out and back swim in the cable lake.  The run was great aside from the fact that I lost my shoe in the mud pit, 200m into it; meaning I ran the rest of the run with one shoe and one sock.  Immediately following the run, I stripped off my jacket, shoe, socks, decided against trying to put on my swim cap, and walked into the freezing water.  This entire workout should have been a breeze for me, but once I hit the cold water already breathing heavily from the run, I couldn’t catch my breath. Every time I tried to put my head down in the water, I panicked, lost my stroke rhythm and just basically ended up flopping through the 200m looking as though I’d never swam in my life.  I was pretty disappointed with my swim performance, but nevertheless Benjamin and I came in 1st place in the workout!

WOD #2: The Godai Total
(For max total weight: 1 rep max strict press, 1 rep max front squat, 1 rep max deadlift)
My results (all PR’s for me; very exciting)
Strict Press – 95lbs
Front Squat – 140lbs
Sumo Deadlift – 260lbs
WOD #3: Air
Buy-in: 100 AbMat Situps
-Snatch @ 115#/75#
-Cluster @ 115#/75#
-Burpee over barbell
Cash-out: 100 Double-Unders
When this workout was released a few weeks ago, I practiced it 2-3 times because I knew the 75lb snatch would be a challenge for me.  Everything else I could do pretty confidently; yet this was the workout I was most nervous about.  Benjamin and I split up the Ab Mat situps, and our strategy going into the snatch and clusters were, I do 3 snatch; Benjamin do 1 until we completed the reps.  It ended up that I did most of the snatch, Benjamin did all the burpees as well as most of the clusters.  We did our best to complete the workout and when time was called at 20 minutes, we were left with 4 snatch, 9 clusters, and double unders.  I’m pretty sure both of us were glad that workout was over.
Had to break up the move into: power snatch then overhead squat
WOD #4: Fire
Each partner had 30 seconds to perform max reps of atlas stone bouldering (120lbs/75lbs)  while the other partner holds an L-sit, partners then switch. Followed by Max distance hand stand walks and Zercher carry (315lbs/225lbs).  By the time I got to the L-sits, my quads were shot; I couldn’t hold my legs up longer than .5 seconds!  I got 20 ft. on my hand stand walk, and 50 ft on the Zercher carry.  If I could’ve held my legs up on the L-sit, this may have been my 2nd favorite workout.
Benjamin bouldering; me attempting to L-sit
Handstand walk
 ´╗┐All in all, the Godai Elements was as Benjamin put it, “the catalyst we needed to launch our training to the next level”.  Preparing for this event made me step outside of my routine and comfort zone in more areas than one.  I’m pleased with how #TeamApplebottom did and am looking forward to the next challenge.