This past weekend I attended the CrossFit Endurance seminar in San Antonio.  Aside from learning some new running drills and programming ideas to teach our athletes at CrossFit Central Endurance, I learned/was made aware of some things I need to focus on for myself and my own training.
First of all, I know some of you see me blog, tweet, facebook about CrossFit Endurance and are still wondering What is CrossFit Endurance? And, most importantly, How is it different from other endurance training programs?
Answer: In CrossFit, we train the 10 physical skills in any given workout, at one point or another….from the warm up, the workout, to the cool down. These include; Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.   
Now, take a traditional endurance/strictly running program and you’re lucky if anything other than Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Speed, and Flexibility are addressed.  In previous run groups that I have trained with, we did some strength work, but it was never anything more than medballs and body weight, speed was addressed in interval workouts, flexibility was on our own, and what I was left with was high mileage, little strength training, and a straight path to multiple injuries.
Back to CrossFit Endurance: put it all together, and you get an endurance athlete who’s no longer relying on just their aerobic capacity to do well, but also enhancing their 10 physical skills through CrossFit, incorporating the “constantly varied” fundamentals of CrossFit; while increasing the intensity and quality of the workout and eliminating the “unnecessary volume” seen in typical endurance training…..Are you sold yet!?….
Here are a few things I learned that really “spoke” to my endurance training:
“Run comfortably fast vs. running hard….run faster, not harder”
Running “hard” just sounds rough on your body vs. running effiecently, comfortably fast.  That’s what becoming a better athlete (person) is all about; being comfortable with the uncomfortable.
“Eat to train OR train to eat”
I don’t train so I can eat.  I eat to train, and 85% of the time fuel my body with the things it likes to run/perform on. 
After hearing the nutrition/fueling talk, I realized I need to work on my “eat to train” more.  I’ve created a bad habit over the past ten years of training my body to work on almost nothing.  I’m not properly fueling my body because I’ve never trained myself to workout or run on a non-almost empty stomach.  I’ve always been afraid to have more than a boiled egg, nuts, or fruit in my body before working out.  Afterwards, I have no problem drinking a protein supplement or eating, but I definitely have problems eating before and it was addressed this weekend that just like training your body to work, you also have to train to eat, literally…practicing eating more, fueling more and then working out on that fuel.
“3-5 hours between workouts”
The “rule of 3-5 hours rest between workouts” was stressed as a must follow this weekend as well, and this is another rule I have broken quite a few times.  About 2-3 times a week, I have 2x/day workouts.  One being an interval run, and the second a CrossFit WOD.  I have been known to do my interval run and 10 minutes later do the CrossFit WOD, or vice versa.  I thought the “3-5 hour rule” was just a recommendation, as in “if you need a rest”; so I always figured I have enough energy and feel great, I’ll just get the second workout over with….wrong!  The 2x/day are supposed to be 2 completely seperate workouts with appropriate rest in between.  Who has that much time to go back and forth to the gym?  Guess, this girl will….
So, the long in the short of all of this is that, just as soon as you think you have everything figured out, you realize you don’t at all.  Revamping of my CFE training starts NOW!