Being both a personal trainer and being married to one, there is hardly ever a question when we’re on vacation of “Are we going to workout tomorrow?”  It’s more like “What time are we going to set the alarm to workout tomorrow?” 
The past few days, Rick and I were cruising the Carnival to Mexico with my clients and their law firm partners and employees. It’s always a great time with this group; we all get along and have a blast together! 
Hear this: Being on vacation and being “stuck on a boat” are not valid excuses to abandon an active lifestlye.  It’s actually a bit motivating because you’re surrounded by the majority of the United States: overweight people loading up their plates at the buffets….but that’s beside the point.   I have a training schedule and I had every intention of following it while we were on vacation.  The bonus was that I had Rick, and a few of my clients along with me to workout with.
Cruise Workouts:
Thursday morning Rick and I did 4 x 800m repeats on the treadmill at home because we had to leave early for Galveston.  I kept the pace between 6:22-6:40/per mile.
Friday: The workout was supposed to be “Cindy” which is 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats but since there was no pull up bar we modified it into 20 min of:  5 Plank Rows (30lb dumbbells), 10 Push ups, 15 Squats, 20 Sit ups.
I did 10 min with Rick and then my clients joined for the last 10 minutes.  Total Rounds completed: 11 Rounds + 10 Push ups.
Bonus: 4 Rounds of
5 Burpee Broadjumps
10 Handstand holds/walks
10 Push Press (50lbs)
20 Lunges
40 Bicycle Crunches
Saturday: 5K @ 85% of Time Trial (on treadmill)
My most recent 5K was a 22:02; so I ran on the treadmill increasing the pace every 800m starting at 7:41 pace and ending with 7:03 pace the last 1200m. 
Total time: 23:15
Sunday: Recovery WOD
25 min on the elliptical
3 rounds of:
15 Decline bench sit ups
15 Superman
15 Swings (35lbs)
15 Chest Press (60lbs)
15 Bent Over Rows (no pull up bar) (40lbs)
5 min elliptical
Monday: Rest/Travel Day
Let me be the first to tell you, that there were plenty late nights of wine, cocktails, and chocolate molten cake with ice cream that could have been the perfect excuse for us to sleep in and avoid the gym, but we both knew that we’d feel better if we just got it done!
Point: Enjoy your vacation, but don’t abandon doing the things you enjoy and being active just because “you’re on vacation”.