“Cultivate stillness in the world of hustle” – Benjamin Palmer
  A few weeks ago the Trinity Training System/CrossFit Central coaches and staff were asked to come up with a 2012 Motto; something that calls us to action in the next year.
As I tried to think of a motto, the only thoughts that kept coming to my head were, “I’m not sure I want to be called to action….I’m already busy enough. If I create anymore action in my life; I won’t have a life.”
Here’s Where I’m Coming From
The last few months of “hustle” hit me pretty hard a few weeks ago.  I was driving home from coaching one night, in mental-panic mode thinking about everything I still had to do in the 2.5 hours I had until bedtime (10:30-11pm).  I was bombarded with emotions of always being rushed to go to and from here and there, rushing through phone conversations, and meetings to get to the next one, coming home and rushing through my shower so I can spend the two hours of the evening left with Rick, but still rushing through our dinner and conversations so I can write workouts for clients or work on my blogs, emails….etc…etc….and I started to cry.  It was a good cry. A necessary cry. But nevertheless, that cry didn’t help me find peace in all the rush-rush.
Am I Too Much Of A Wanna-Be Achiever?
Before I knew what my strengths were, I would’ve said,
“I have a problem doing too many things, putting too much on my plate.  Saying ‘yes’ to too many things and to too many people.”  
However, knowing that two of my strengths (according to Strength Finders) are Achiever and Responsibility, it makes sense that I may be suited to have many tasks to achieve and responsibilities to fulfill.  But…..if I don’t even have time to achieve the responsibilities expected of me, how am I supposed to use them as my strengths?
Cultivating Stillness; Finding Balance
The truth is, life isn’t going to slow down any time soon.  I’m not going to have any less demands on me, nor my time, in the near future if I want to continue to be a next level coach and trainer, an accomplished athlete, and most importantly a committed and present wife. 
I told Rick one night half-sarcastically, half-joking and probably while complaining how overwhelmed I was,
 “I can’t be all things to all people!” 
To which he replied,
“But, you can to me”
Immediately that statement took me back a second, and it does as I type this.  This next year, as life and people demands hustle of me and my time, as I am in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, I will cultivate stillness, say a prayer, breathe a breath of fresh air, know that it’s all going to workout, and find balance and stillness within all the hustle.